Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I Love 2010

8. I love Monday dinners out with the Millers
The fun never ends
Then we play Quiddler
With these valued friends.

So Monday nights are fun, we alternate choosing the place to eat and then alternate homes for a couple of rounds of Quiddler (a spelling card game--good for our senior minds :) you know), and perhaps a tasty dessert if our dinner didn't include it. Last night it was Olive Garden with the unending soup and salad which were yummy. Then I lost both games of Quiddler--dang!
Our desk-top computer is feeling its age and is in need of some help so we called our good friend Eric Hayhurst who is a computer guru in our opinion. He ended up taking it away to clean and reinstall stuff (see how technical I am---not!) so Bob is now computerless for a few days and he is having withdrawls especially from Solitaire. Luckily, the lap-top resides in the Scrapbook Room so I can still blog--and "blog-stalk".
I'm off to help with orthodontic screenings (not chairside, I assure you) at Assistance League of Long Beach (ALLB), at 8:45am, so I need to get started. Make it a great day! Smile at someone!

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