Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where did January go?

The month ends today and time has passed by in a hurry. Since I last posted I have had the chance to attend the regular Assistance League meeting and meet some more people. Bob had a doctor's appointment, and is now waiting to hear when he can have the surgery to (ugh) clean out his prostate. Sabrina played in her first violin concert this week and I was amazed how well they did. We tell her she is learning to "screech the cat"-- didn't sound like that at the concert though! Yeh, I am a proud Nana! She looked so sweet standing in the first row looking so serious about her music. We went to our friend's Eagle Scout Court of Honor, where Bob was
asked to give the Eagle Charge. Friday I had lunch with other ladies ,celebrating Carol Tracy's birthday at the Cheesecake Factory. If you can't find something to eat on their extensive menu, you just aren't hungry! My first time there, it is pricey, but yummy!!!
Saturday, Camryn played a great game of basketball, and her team won--by 2 points! I continue to be impressed with the quality of play and sportsmanship I see exhibited by these 10 and 11-year-old "kids". We are blessed to live close enough to be able to share these moments.
It makes every week fun and special. Love y'all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

She who hesitates is lost!

You guessed it! The Carbone glassware is gone. I should know better--oh well.
Moral: If you see it and it calls your name, do not delay--BUY IT!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Normal Is Good!

It seems that after many "abnormal" weeks, things are pretty much back to normal. A week ago Friday I was able to work at the Assistance League Thrift Shop on my regular assignment.It was good to be back with the ladies and look over what's new since I was able to work last November. (I even have my eyes on some Carbone glassware, and I am hoping no one else gets it first. Maybe I'll get there tomorrow! If I'm meant to own it, it will still be there.) Last weekend was uneventful, and normal. Monday we had dinner at Soup Plantation with the Millers and played Quiddler afterward. The only unusual thing about that is that I won, for a change! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I taught at Carden. It is so good to be back there, it is a wonderful place to work! Wednesday we got a Subway sandwich and went to the Port to eat and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Boy the weather is so nice, not a normal January! Friday evening Bob and Roberta Keester came over. We visited and caught up on our travel plans, and we promised to get together more often. They are good friends and it is fun to just talk to them because their perspective on life is great! Saturday I took Sabrina and Tabitha for the morning.
We went to cheer for Camryn at her basketball game. It was a good, well-played game and her team won! Then we made a stop at the bank and on to Michael's. Tabitha doesn't like shopping, but I didn't know that until she told me "We've been shopping long enough (about 10 minutes).Let's find something else to do" so we picked up Bob and went to Chick Fil A for lunch.
Wonder of wonder, the COW was there and we even got a picture of Tabitha and Sabrina with
him (her?) (it?). Just normal fun. Today we went to 10th Ward to hear Amy-Sue speak. She did a GREAT job!!!!! Dinner with the family--our normal routine--always fun especially with Tiffany's game Snort----? (can't remember the name) but it is a hoot. Bob didn't play, but that is normal for him. It is really good to get back to normal. Make it a great week!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to School ! !

The day finally arrived, the planets are in line and all systems are go for me to return to Carden Whittier School. Bob feels good today, Tigger is hanging in there and more alert and I am out of here! It is so good to be back--to greet the students (whose names I am trying hard to remember) and to get into the paints and sketching and visiting with the teachers. We are so formal at Carden that I know very, very few of the teachers' first names; even though I have known most of them for five years. We are Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Robb, Mrs. Ashcraft, etc. Reminds me of being on a mission where everyone has the same first name--Sister (or Elder), but we all care about each other as if we were best friends. The children seemed almost as happy to see me as the teachers (who had to do their own art lessons while I was gone). Yep. . . things are looking up.
Blessings: Bob's progress and improvement, a job to go to that I love, family and friends (some without first names)
Problems: Imperial Highway is once again torn up and the traffic is a mess
Promises: No complaining--just leave a little earlier, NO COMPLAINING (where is that darned purple "complaint-free world" bracelet??)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Best Laid Plans. . .

I was set to go back to Carden School today. I even called one of the teachers and she was so happy to not have to plan an art lesson for the 7th & 8th grade classes. . .BUT. . .I woke up this morning to "two men down". First of all, Tigger the dog (who is over 14 yrs. old) is not feeling well--doesn't want to eat or get up--had a little pee pee accident in front of the door--just wants an occasional love pat (don't we all?). So the 5am mop up started my day and I just had a feeling things might not be too good, right then. Then Bob woke up and couldn't get comfortable, and after a lot of coaxing, told me had a "little" pain in his chest. Now we've had this on two other occasions and they turned out to be nothing, but it is something I cannot ignore even though he is saying "No don't stay home".
Swell, I think, man in pain and potential dead dog--this day is going to be a beaut! I am so lucky to work for a very good and understanding friend who doesn't mind calls early in the morning from an art resource teacher who will not be there today. I love Carden School, but I may have to turn in my artist's beret and be a stay-at-home wife, nurse, mop-up lady, until things are really normal (if there is such a thing!??)
Blessings: people who are understanding, concerned family, Heavenly Father who bolsters me up
Regrets: unfulfilled comittments,
Promise: I will make it a Great Day, come hell or high water!