Saturday, February 28, 2009

All Is Well

Bob is home! Body parts seem to be working well. No pain to speak of. A little tired from an overnight stay in Los Alamitos Hospital (who can rest in a hospital?). Bummed out because he cannot drive for two weeks. But, as it says in the Kaiser commercial: "Things are lookin' up!"
Make it a great day!!! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Long Time, No Blog

Life has gone on without me doing much blogging. We've had some fun experiences along the way. To briefly list a few: (1) A weekend at the Marriott in Palm Desert at the invitation of our friends Ed and Janice Bishop. They have a time share in Park City, Utah; and sometimes trade it for a week in Palm Desert which they then invite friends to spend part of the week with them.
We went on Friday and came home on Sunday. The weather was great and we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to visit with them and relax. We played games, watched movies, and walked, and talked. Everything was fine, except that one of the movies was "Eight Below", a story about eight Husky dogs. Well two looked just like our Tasha and that just did me in! I cried through the whole movie. (I said I didn't want to see the movie but Janice and I came back from a walk "just in time".) We had to put Tigger, our Golden Retriever, into the new SPCA "Pet Hotel" while we went away. He is getting so old, we were worried, but the facility is so nice and the people were so nice, Tig hardly knew we were gone. (2) Celebrating Rylee's 16th birthday. It isn't that we did so much, she had the traditional choice of dinner menu and the singing of Nana on birthday morning (whattta way to start the day!). It's just the fact that she IS 16. I remember the day she was born--the whole Hardey family and all of us Ashcrafts and a friends were all crammed in one very small waiting room...waiting. We all decided to sneak up to the door of her room and listen to see if we could hear anything. There we all were with our ears to the door, and Drew opened the door and we all literally fell into the room--but she hadn't had the baby yet! OOOps. I'm sure the little hospital was glad to see us all leave when Rylee finally arrived. (3) Sabrina broke her finger, and she has been such a trooper through all the xrays and two casts she has had, so far. And so, I might add has Amy-Sue, driving over the bridges to appointments. (4) Too much doctoring for me. As I have said, Bob and I are not doctoring people. This past week the appointments piled up on us--Bob had a pre-op appt. with Dr. Ingram, I had a dental appt., Bob had to get blood work and xray, and ekg, and more blood work, and I had a eye-doctor appt. Then today Bob had a surgery labeled TURP (which stands for cleaning out of the urinary tract and prostrate). He is fine (at least he was when I left the hospital a while ago) and he will come home tomorrow. This is supposed to be the final step in his recovery from the mysterious "infection" of 2008. Now, we both need to start conditioning for our mission!!!
More walking to get in shape. Look out Wyoming, here we come!
So along with Carden for me and committee meetings for a Long Beach State 49er football team reunion for Bob time marched on. Hope all your lives are busy, and productive, and full of family and friends. Make it a great day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Return to Capistrano

We had so much fun getting together with our friends from Escondido yesterday. The Millers and we (?) travelled down to San Juan Capistrano and met our friends the Seatons, and Ritters (who travelled up from Escondido) to have a late lunch at El Adobe. We seriously missed spending New Years with them this year. It seems that families grow and old traditions need to be abandoned--so maybe a late lunch with them will take the place of camping at Chula Vista Marina. Anyway it was great to get together--and we still had time for Quiddler when we got back to the Miller's house. (Gotta keep those brain cells active!)
Blessings: safe travel, good friends
Regrets: letting go of old traditions
Make it a great week!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Week of Normal Life

It's good to be normal again. Church and dinner on Sunday. Dinner and Quiddler with Millers on Monday. Tuesday at Carden--I'm glad the classes are finishing their landscape pictures.
The pastels are looking good and many of the watercolors are really good! (have I mentioned that I love watercolor paintings?) Wednesday and Thursday at Carden, as well. Friday was Mom's Muffin Morning at Tincher and since Amy and Gian have two girls there, I went as a "stand-in mom" with Sabrina. I even got a good idea for an art project when we have Parent Visitation Day at Carden. Then, off to the Assistance League Thrift Shop to donate a few extra hours to make up for the future days in the summer that I hope to miss while we are at Martin's Cove. Always fun to work at the Thrift and Vintage store, but I didn't find anything to buy this time. (I'm still recovering from missing the Carbone glassware) Saturday is basketball, with Sabrina playing her first game for this year and even scoring one basket! Camryn had two games but we could only be at the YMCA game, which was a winner, too! And then this afternoon a blast from the past--Ronnie Wurtz and Dr. Brad Davis came to visit us. They were Boy Scouts in Bob's first Scout troop in the 1960's. So fun to visit with them and relive old times. They were fun then, and they still are.
Blessings: family, friends (old and new)
No regrets today
Make it a great day!