Monday, September 22, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

Well, we are home from our mission, and I did not post one time while we were there. I wish I could blame that on lack of time, or lack of access to a line, but truly it was some of both and a lot of lack of confidence. At my "advanced age" I find that I'm a lot less "techno-savvy" than I would like to be. With my family's assistance, I am moving forward and will eventually post some pictures and events that happened while we were at Martin's Cove. For right now, suffice it to say we loved our mission there--the Elders and Sisters we served with (all 45 couples ); the Directors, Elder and Sister Longson; the trekkers; the stories; the work, even cleaning the restrooms; the antelope, deer, bunnies, but NOT THE SNAKES; the daily doses of spirituality, and, for me, the Bluegrass Band! We get asked if we are glad to be home. Bob says
yes, but I say nothing because, while I love my family and our times together, I miss the Cove and the spirituality there. It is like living in a bubble and then the bubble bursts and we are back to the bombardment of reality.
So, I am back to teaching three days a week at Carden Whittier School. I am, once again, the Art Resource teacher. I love it at Carden--if I didn't I would not continue. Combine that with
Assistance League and trying to update our house, we can keep busy.
I will get another lesson on doing the blog thing--with pictures. Then, watch out!!!!
Make it a great day!