Monday, August 31, 2009

We're Baaaaack!

Time flies when you are having fun--and we sure did have fun at Martin's Cove. We also had
a spiritual time, and we worked hard to do all we were asked to do. When one of our TechnoSavvy kids can help me (again) I will post pictures of wonderful Wyoming. What a great place to visit and to serve. I know some family members think we are crazy, but serving a mission gets into our souls, and we just want to do it again. Do we miss our family? Yes we do!
But we know that while they miss us too, they are getting blessings and that helps them to carry on until we return. When I returned home I got the news that Carden School's enrollment is down and I will not be working this year. It is hard on my ego, but I'll live, and I will find other ways to use the talents I have and maybe develop some dormant ones while I'm at it. Heaven knows I have hours to make up at the ALLB Thrift and Vintage Store, and I really want to do Kids on the Block, and there are things to do around our house, and I need to practice the piano so I can play better when we go on our next mission, and maybe Bob and I can play some golf (if I can control my "potty mouth" when I don't hit the ball well), and... well you know, the list goes on. So here we are home again and back with the family we adore. Thanks to them for all the support they always give us. Make it a great day.!!!!