Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grateful Heart

Early Thanksgiving morning--the paper isn't here yet, probably because it has to be stuffed with all the ads for tomorrow's shoppers. While I await its arrival, I ponder what I am grateful for today, and every day! The list is lengthy and I will not post it here, but at the top of my list is Bob, who lets me be me even when it causes him to roll his eyes and shake his head; and my family, whom I love with every fiber of my being. We are so blessed with good children who always try to do what is right and follow God's plan for us--Drew and Amy-Sue and their spouses Tiffany and Gian (who we especially feel blessed to call family--we couldn't have chosen better); the grandkids--Rylee, Cassidy, Camryn, Sabrina, Hudson,Devyn, Tabitha, Peyton, and Charlee -- We love 'em and we are blessed beyond measure to have them so close to us.
What fun they bring to our lives. For all that God blesses us with in our daily lives and the chance we have to serve Him daily we give thanks today and every day!
Now, "let's get this rodeo started" !! Where is that darned paper??

Monday, November 16, 2009

CSULB Homecoming: Yep that's my alma mater!

.Both Bob and I graduated from "Long Beach State College" which, some 50 years later has morphed into California State University Long Beach. This year the "Golden Graduates" were honored at homecoming. Bob is one of those "Golden Oldies" and he went with one of his old football buddies to a very nice Banquet and Program to be honored for still being here after 50 years. Personally, I do not like "banquets and programs". You go, you sit, you eat, then you get gas while people speak and speak and speak--so I opted to not spend $50 for that pleasure.

We did get to visit with our friend, Sonia Richardson, who was the matron of honor in our wedding. She came down from San Francisco, 'cause she's a Golden Grad, too. It was so great to see her .

We went to Saturday's Homecoming events, which included a barbecue and tour of the campus and the season's opening Men's Basketball game. The team looked pretty good. When we went to Long Beach State, there was a football team. Years later, there is no football team. BAH
There was a t-shirt for sale that had a list of the 10 top reasons to choose CSULB. The #1 reason said: They haven't lost a football game since 1991. Hmmmm, yep, that's my alma mater!

Proud Nana Time(again??)

Sabrina won the election at Tincher school. She is now the SNAC (student nutrition a????? council ) vice president. She gave a talk to all the 4th and 5th graders, then the election was held, and she called me (while I was at work at the ALLB Thrift and Vintage Shop) to tell me she won. I like those elections that don't go on forever...! Good job Sabrina!!
Then, on Sunday (please forgive us, the Jr. Olympic Committee doesn't understand about Sundays) Sabrina ran a Cross Country race at Mt. Sac. College and placed 9th (out of 64 runners) to move her one more step closer towards competing at Nationals in Reno. Next week she will run in the last qualifying race in Escondido at Kit Carson park. Go Sabrina Go!
Hudson played Soccer on Saturday and was instrumental in scoring enough points to help his team win, TWICE! Way to go Hudson!!
Everyone else is Sweet, and Kind, and Enthusiastic, and Fun, and I love 'em all!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Been a Long Long Time

Way too long since I've posted. I have tried to keep busy since we got home from Martin's Cove. First Bob and I put together a DVD of Martin's Cove that we can use if anyone wants to see a presentation of one of the most sacred and beautiful places on earth. We had a lot of help from our friend Eric Hayhurst, who is one of our gurus when it comes to our lack of computer knowledge. We did give one presentation to our Ward High Priests Group at a fireside, and with Eric's help, it went well.
Then, I got a calling from the Stake, to be the Stake Education Specialist and Yount Program Specialist. There was some time for training, and it looks like it will take more time when all the Wards get their specialists called. It is an exciting program that has as it basis the encouragement of members to finish, update, and/or reeducate for progression in their career fields.
Bob and I also have been called to organize an "Empty Nesters" group in our Ward. This is purely for fun and to bond the empty nesters in our Ward. We hosted the first event in our home. It was a "Hobo Dinner" with a getting to know you "Census" and a rousing game of
"Fact or Fiction". Next month we plan on heading out to Orange for their annual Nativity '
Scene display, and a dessert afterwards. We also have an invite from Tom and Susie Poe to attend their family's party for the Naples Boat Parade. People are so interesting, and sometimes we don't realize what we have in common.
On the home front, We have two lovely Wilson High School coeds: Rylee is a junior and among other things she does she played a lot of golf for Wilson, and did very well. Cassidy is a freshman and is enjoying the high school experience and especially loving her dance class. In Rogers Middle School we have Camryn, a 6th grader, who has made the girl's basketball team. First game was yesterday and she played about 5 minutes and scored one basket--Whooo Hooo!!
She has the doubious honor of being the shortest girl on the team---small but mighty!
Hudson is in 4th grade at Fremont Elementary and is playing soccer in his spare time. He has greatly improved his skills, and has been chosen on the All Star team! Go Hudson!! He has an old friend of Drew's as a teacher and his best friend is in his class, too (what was that school thinking?) but I think his teacher can handle it. Sabrina is in 4th grade at Tincher and she continues to excel. She is running Cross Country unattached (that means she is not on a team this year--mainly because her team's coach has a son who is fighting brain cancer, so the coach is not able to give the time to an extra team this year) Gian coaches her and runs her around town to keep her in shape. It is hard for her to not have that team support. But, she runs well in her new division where most of the girls are bigger and older than she is. She is running this week-end and next to qualify for Nationals. Go Sabrina!! Devyn is 6 and in the 1st Grade at Fremont, and does well in school. She has a winning smile and a sweetie. Tabitha is in the 1st Grade at Tincher and has bars and rings mastered and has the blisters to show it. She is taking swimming again and is never happier than when she is in the water. She is an excellent speller ( and we think she will be tutoring Rylee, soon): ) Peyton and Charlee are the stay-at-home girls.Peyton is 3 and she is full of mischief. She is, however the boss of the little ones that Tiffany tends each day, since she is the oldest of them. Charlee is 2 and loves to follow all the cousins around and do what they do. Just say Yo Gaba Gaba and she is there!
I am busy with Assistance League-- Thrift Shop assignments ( and making up for the days missed while we were on our Mission) learning to be a puppeteer and memorizing
my script for Kids on the Block, and helping with Orthodontic Clinic mailings and screening days. Bob keeps up with all our friends.
We are blessed this year with health that allows us to do what we do. We are blessed with family close by to enjoy and support.
Let's face it-----WE ARE BLESSED!