Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday Trippin'

Thursday was the last day of "Visitation" at Carden Whittier School, and since the students go home (or out to lunch) with their parents after the morning classes, and since my visitation classes were afternoon classes ( so all gone by noon); I decided to save the school some money and cancel my one morning class and stay home. Then we decided to venture out to the Inland Empire and do a few errands. We borrowed Amy-Sue and Gian's Durango so we could take a folding ladder to be fixed--it folds so neatly for carrying in the RV, but had gotten bent so it wouldn't lock well (not safe!!! to be 6 ft. up on, especially in the Wyoming wind).
We found Global Products Logistics, Inc. in Claremont or Upland and they were soooooo nice. Fixed the problem, chatted for a little while and left us feeling that it was worth the trip.
For me the best was yet to come. We travelled on to Rancho Cucamonga to the brand new Tai Pan Trading Co. store. It is really, really, really something! I have been in a lot of stores, but this is the biggest and best home decor store I have ever seen. It is worth the day trip, gasoline, traffic, etc. I didn't buy too much, because CUW Boutique and Luncheon is Saturday and I am saving my money for that, but I know what I saw, and I will be comparing items and prices, in anticipation of my next trip....Amy-Sue and Tiff, can you say "Girls' Day Out?"
When I could finally extract myself from that store, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed for Bass Pro Shop, which is "eye candy" for Bob. It is a lot like Cabela's--very fun to look around, but nothing I want to buy. (What???) Then we headed for home along the nasty old 91 Freeway, but just ahead of the crowd. Surely it was our day! Thanks Amy-Sue for the Urban Assault Vehicle--glad you and the girls liked the HHR.
Blessings: Safety of travel, Kindness of business owners, Talents of many decorators, Patience of Bob (while I shopped, he sat)
Regrets: Tai Pan Trading Co is too far away (hmmmm, or maybe that is a blessing in disguise),
lack of will power (or is it "won"t" power?)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where did that week go?

Here it is Sunday again...where does the time go? Well, Monday we went to the RV Show at the Fairplex in Pomona. We were disappointed with the lack of vendors. Not a good year to sell RVs, that's for sure. We got home in time to go to the "Pumpkin Run" sponsored by Lakewood Parks and Rec at Del Valle Park. Our friends the Millers met us there to root for Sabrina, and yipee, SHE WON! Out to dinner with the Millers and back to our house to play a couple of rounds of Quiddler. Tuesday, it was Curves, then Carden School, and prepare for "Visitation Days" next week. We met Billy & Shelly and kids at Dairy Queen--yum yum! Wednesday, Curves, Carden School, and when I arrived home the RV was there ready to be packed for an outing with the "Just 4 Fun,341" Holiday Rambler club. Shelly came over to cut my hair--what a relief! Thursday, finish packing (no time for Curves, boooo), Carden School (I'm ready for Visitation, yeaaaaa) and home to leave for the outing. Weather is great, RV is running good, traffic moving well, we are blessed. Arrive at Camp Pendleton's Del Mar Beach around 5:45.

We toured the Rancho Santa Margarita Adobe on Camp Pendleton--it is interesting and well preserved. As usual, too much good food, lots of visiting, and enjoyment of the beach and the sound of breaking waves to put you to sleep, and rolling huge amphibians and tanks to wake you up. Home now, Sunday dinner with Amy-Sue, Gian, Sabrina, Tabitha, and Charlee--the Ashcrafts are hosting the monthly "Hardey Party", so we will miss them today.

So the week I'll try a picture or two------
Oh! I think I did it....Thanks Amy...
Picture 1 Sabrina with her pumpkin Picture 2 Rancho Santa Margarita (not really the pic I wanted, but ... Picture 3 Me sitting in a chair that 6 US Presidents have actually sat in Picture 4 Tank
Blessings: FAMILY opportunities taken
Regrets; Tigger is old and can't get in the RV, very sad

My cute little red-head

This is me learning how to put pictures on my blog...just bear with me!

P.S. The cute red-head is Tabitha Del Bello, our 5 year-old granddaughter.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Already?

I love that church doesn't start until 11:00! Gives me time to set the table, and get food prepared for dinner and wrap the BD gifts. Testimony meeting--I sure don't know a lot of people in the ward yet!
However, when I ask some people I do know "Who is that?" they don't know either--guess we have some work to do! Practice for the Primary Program today, which we will not be here for (because we are going on an outing with our RV group and won't get home in time).
Del Bellos arrive after Sabrina ran in a Cross Country race at Laguna Niguel and placed third (probably would have done better, but she took a "superman" fall and got up and finished the race). Southern California Running Wild (the track team) took first, though and so she got a small trophy for third and the team got a trophy for first! Yeah Running Wild!!!
Ashcrafts arrive (yeah, the cousins are here, let the chaos and fun begin). Dinner, yum yum,everyone loves spaghetti! The time has come for BD presents:
Charlee (one year old in July) a pink, ride-on pony that makes noise and plays music
Tabitha (five years old in September) a Fancy Nancy doll (so Tabitha tells me she dreamed she would get a Fancy Nancy doll)
Amy-Sue (36 years old in August) a blue tooth so she can talk to me while she drives
Early goodbyes--its a school nite-- Now the house is sooooo quiet .
Blessings: FAMILY, church,living close to each other, talents
Regrets: Not being here for the real birthdates, (but I don't regret the Mission)

Saturday Matters

Get up and get going..all the things I've put off, it's time to do 'em. C'mon Bob, let's get going.
Off to Lowe's for some flowers to replace all the dead ones I threw away Monday. Into WalMart for a gift for Amy-Sue's BD which we will finally celebrate at Sunday dinner, along with Charlee's BD and Tabitha's BD. On to Aaron Bros. for liquid nonwaterproof ink so I can fill my calligrapher's ink cartridges at school. Look out Ralphs, here I come--food for the Sunday triple BD feast (Spaghetti, Bread with Clearman's spread, Green Salad, Brownies and Ice Cream) the Del Bello girls' choices. Home, put away groceries (not my favorite chore) and have a bite to eat.
OOOps time for Hudson's soccer game. (Drew is the coach--proving that you don't have to play the sport to coach it) Hoooooooray--the "Serpents" won---Way to Go. Get those flowers in the ground. Phew! This old lady is tired. Watch the Boise State game on TV--HOOOOOOray, they won! Bake some Brownies for tomorrow. Plop, into bed.
Blessings: children and grandchildren, energy, living near shopping areas (hmmmm is that really a blessing?) Bob's company on my errands
Regrets: still don't have the photo skills, haven't connected with a couple of friends that are
heavy on my mind

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Fun

Started out doing some house cleaning and more laundry (does it ever end?) Then lunch and time to go to the Assistance League Thrift Shop for my monthly assignment. When I first started at the thrift shop, I wasn't very excited about it; but I now find myself looking forward to the second Friday of the month. The ladies I work with are fun and interesting and we have a great time; the customers are really nice; and I like to look at all the neat "stuff" we have for sale. I didn't buy anything this time, but I do have my eye on a couple of things (which probably won't be there next month--but if they are, they are meant for me). We always go out for dinner after I finish work--El Zarape which is one of our favorites. Took a drive over to Vet's Stadium to peek in the fence at the Poly football game score (they were winning as usual) then home for our own challenge--gin rummy. I lost again. Tomorrow I WILL plant some flowers...really. Make it a great day!
Blessings: being a volunteer, meeting new people, family, good food
Regrets: I didn't buy that adorable snowman cookie jar, I didn't contact a Missionary Sister who has been heavy on my mind (pay attention to the spirit!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Begin the day at Curves, then home to get ready for the day, and off to Carden Whittier School. Call the PressTelegram newspaper and register my feelings about their choice of glorifing four convicted murderers on the front page of the paper! Off to school. Classes today were fun, especially the calligraphers (8th graders) who are really doing well. Home to relax and make dinner (yes, 2 days in a row). Bob is off to a Boy Scout training of some kind, and I use the time to catch up on laundry, talk on the phone, and do a little computer browsing. Bob is home early--cause he's had more Scout training than most folks--with another badge to sew on his uniform shirt, that says "Trained" (yes, he is!) Play a little gin rummy--he wins, as usual.
Off to bed and FINISH my book--Finally! Another day of my life.
Blessings: family, time to myself, love of reading, love of teaching
Regrets: time wasting,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mid-Week Wednesday

Start out with Curves--great way to start the day
Home, get ready, off to school. This is my busiest day at school--4 classes, and next week's prep.
Stop at Target on the way home to get birthday gifts for the Del Bellos that we missed while we were on our Mission. (Darn those summer birthdays!)
Bob calls and says if I hurry I can see Rylee playing in a golf match at Recreation Park--so I hurry. What fun to actually watch her play!
Dinner at home.(what?)
Visit with our neighbor, then a surprise visit from a friend that we have been trying to find.
He's alive and well, and it was so good to see him and talk to him.
Blessings: Grandchildren, "old" friends, Missions
Regrets: I am technologically challenged and don't know how to put pictures into these blogs--YET. Help! I need a lesson!
Make it a great day!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Quick Tuesday

Off to Curves to start my day. Home, get ready, go...arrive at Carden Whittier, and get my supplies ready for classes. Today: 4th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. The children were great today, especially the 8th grade Calligraphers! Home from school, we have a 4:30 appointment with our CPA to try to straighten out the hitch with the IRS (lol). Wait another week. Amy-Sue calls "what are you doing for dinner?" We meet them at Sizzler--fun. I'm tired... Off to bed, to read (I'm almost finished with Breaking Dawn) and sleep! Maybe I'll finish tomorrow. This may seem boring to you, but it is my life and I LOVE IT (but not the IRS part)!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monday Monday

Full morning, addressing envelopes for the Orthodontic Clinic (Assistance League), and then my first meeting with the Kids On the Block puppeteers. I am sooooooo excited, I love these puppets and the service provided. Dinner with our friends Joan and Irvan, and a couple of games of Quiddler to round out the evening.
Blessings: having good friends, and family who will count on us when they think they are in a bind
Regret: I "shined off" getting flowers for the front yard. Too much of a procrastinator! And, I didn't go to Curves.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Life--An idea to try

I recently read an idea that challenged anyone to blog for a week about their daily life. I thought about it all week, but didn't act upon the challenge--so I decided to try it this week.
I will start with Sunday and always be a day behind, since I usually blog in the early morning.
Sunday was Bob's Birthday, and also Conference. Normally we watch Conference on our TV, but this was our opportunity to see Sabrina (age 8) run in a Cross Country Track Meet at Mt. SAC.
We got there as the competitors were walking the course, which appeared to have a very big hill as part of it--come to find out, her age category didn't have to go up the big hill, but the course was hillier than any other she has run. (She has run in 2 other meets, and won both of them.) Ready for the race to start, about 50 runners in her event, off to a good start, see her at the top of a hill ( in second place) see her pass by us (in second place) see her head for the final straight-away (in second place) see her pour on the speed (in first place, barely) see her move out, SEE HER WIN! Yeah, I'm a proud Nana. She is a natural runner, and she loves it!
Left Mt. SAC and went to visit Bob's 96 year old aunt Marie. She is in an assisted living place in Chino--and she is very glad we are home from our Mission. Drive home to finish making dinner for the family (which is an every Sunday thing). Family arrives, we eat and celebrate Bob's Birthday and he uses his new barbecue to cook tri-tip for our dinner We chat, kids play, everyone goes home--cause it is a school night. The Ashcrafts took home Thunder and Lightening (their tortoises--goodbye reptiles) and Bob and I finished our evening, as we usually do, with a game of gin rummy--and he won, as he usually does.
Blessings--our family, each and every one of them, and all they do for each other.
Regrets--we missed seeing Conference, but the Ensign will be here soon, and we can read the talks.