Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back Again

I have been busy, some; and lazy, some; and neglectful, some; and I need to move on! When I wrote last, we were off to spend a few days with Ed and Janice Bishop in Newport Beach. Now, that is not too far from home, but it seemed like it. We played games, and ate good food, but funnest of all was our "day trip" to San Diego to see the newly refurbished Mormon Battlion Visitors' Center in Old Town. It is truly worth the trip! The LDS Church never does anything half-way, and the presentation of this historic part of California is really interesting and entertaining. Never mind that we were in a huge amount of traffic, both coming and going--I thought it was worth it, but then, I was not the one driving! If you are ever in San Diego, it is worth the time--and of course like all LDS Historic Sites--it is free!
A week or so later we pulled the motorhome out and cruised on down to Tucolata Springs for an outing with the folks in 341 Just For Fun, our RV club. This trip took us through Temecula, and while, again, it is not too far away (which is fine with me) it had been a really long time since we had been in the Temecula area. Can you say population explosion? My gosh! Where is the little old town of Temecula that I remember? Where did all these people come from? Where did all the vineyards and winerys come from? Phew! Five of us ladies went to town on Saturday. So did everyone else in the area, I think! We did find a few of the shops I remembered and we looked at a lot of antiques and collectibles. (I didn't buy anything :( ) I was a bit concerned when I saw how many cars were parked at every winery we went past. Who is going to drive home after all that tasting? It was a nice weekend away, though, and the weather was good--it only rained at night.
Home for a while, we rolled out Darth (that's what we call our Holiday Rambler motorhome)
and headed for Arizona and the Cactus League Baseball Training Camps. In case I haven't mentioned it...I am a huge baseball fan. I know, I know, many of you would rather watch paint dry; I prefer to sit in the stands and soak up the baseball games. At home, I am an Angels fan;
and a LBSU Dirtbags fan and a Wilson HS fan and a Millikan HS fan--but my heart is in
Cincinnati with the Reds (and Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan and, sigh, PETE ROSE!) That's where I learned to love baseball--my Dad played and I went with him. Imagine my sheer JOY when I found out that the Reds now have a stadium in Goodyear,AZ. We saw them play the Indians. Because our friends the Seatons, Ritters, and Rubels all live in Escondido, we saw a lot of Padres games--Padres vs Angels, Padres vs Giants, Padres vs Dodgers (booooo) , Padres vs Royals--- but they were all good! The stadiums are so nice and the practice areas are so fun to visit in the morning when all the players are out. What a great trip, great weather, Great Friends, great travel.
At home, inbetween trips, we celebrated Rylee's 17th Birthday and Sabrina's 10th Birthday (party is on Saturday) and watched a lot of Soccer games and basketball games. Family is what life is all about.
( Next trip is to BYU for Womens' Conference the end of this month.) Bob is already anxious to go to Utah, but there are some things to do before then.
It's good to be back again.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I Love 2010

11. I LOVE to see the ocean and beach
To watch surfers and ships that are far out of reach.
Cruising south (or north) on Highway 1
Enjoying the scenery and the February sun.

Today we leave for a short vacation stay with our friends, the Bishops, at Marriot Newport Coast Villas. I can't wait to go, but I have a little organizing that will keep me busy this morning, so I do need the last bit of home time. We will return on Sunday, and the family will gather on Valentines' Day for dinner and to finally celebrate Amy-Sue's Bday on her favorite day (which is not her real Bday, but we missed the August 13 date because of our Mission).
I am excited for the Olympics to start--poor Vancouver must be frustrated with the lack of snow this year, after all, it is the WINTER Olympics. Gee, they could have had the Reno snow we had in December when Sabrina ran her cross-country Jr. Olympics race. Something is backwards here. So...get creative Canada and Go USA!
I will have to catch up when I get home. Meanwhile, make it a Loving, Caring, Great weekend.
Remember, I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I Love 2010

10. I love the Pioneer Woman blog written by Ree Drummond
Her sense of humor is hillarious and her photography is gifted
When I finishih reading her blog each day
My spirits are lifted.

For Christmas I received the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook by Ree Drummond. I also gifted the book to Amy-Sue and to Tiff. So far I have not tried many of the recipes, but the photography and the narrative makes the book so charming that it has a place of honor on my counter in the kitchen. Her sense of humor just cracks me up and; if you have ever had a close experience with a Bassett Hound, this book is a must read for you.
Well, Tri Delta alumni meeting was fun and productive--we assembled about twenty hygiene kits for Whittier women who have fled to refuge from abuse. And we had great conversations and planning for next month "s visit to the Gamble House. (Sorry I will miss this tour, but we will be in Arizona for baseball Spring Training camps. Too bad everything happens at the same time)This small group of women is mighty, and I am so glad to be a part of it.
"Delta Delta Delta is forever" is something we learned in our collegiate chapters and now I can
understand the meaning of that quotation. We all went to different colleges, but there is a bond of sisterhood that we all feel, and that was talked about last night. ( why did it take me 50 years to really "get it"?)
Thrift and Vintage Shop duty today--it is always interesting. For me the hours pass by rapidly because there is always something to do or someone to chat with while I work.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Love 2010

9. I love the Assistance League of Long Beach
It has awesome philanthropic outreach,
My favorite programs are Orthodontic Clinis, Kids on the Block, and the Thrift & Vintage
Volunteering to help others brings blessings that don't stop.

Busy day today, getting ready for Tri Delta alum meeting, and visiting teaching, and valentine shopping. Make your day busy, productive and great!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I Love 2010

8. I love Monday dinners out with the Millers
The fun never ends
Then we play Quiddler
With these valued friends.

So Monday nights are fun, we alternate choosing the place to eat and then alternate homes for a couple of rounds of Quiddler (a spelling card game--good for our senior minds :) you know), and perhaps a tasty dessert if our dinner didn't include it. Last night it was Olive Garden with the unending soup and salad which were yummy. Then I lost both games of Quiddler--dang!
Our desk-top computer is feeling its age and is in need of some help so we called our good friend Eric Hayhurst who is a computer guru in our opinion. He ended up taking it away to clean and reinstall stuff (see how technical I am---not!) so Bob is now computerless for a few days and he is having withdrawls especially from Solitaire. Luckily, the lap-top resides in the Scrapbook Room so I can still blog--and "blog-stalk".
I'm off to help with orthodontic screenings (not chairside, I assure you) at Assistance League of Long Beach (ALLB), at 8:45am, so I need to get started. Make it a great day! Smile at someone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I Love 2010

7. Things I love. . .here I go
This is one I'm sure you know,
To read a book, one that grabs my attention
Perhaps Grisham, Pecault , Sparks or Grafton.
(. bad rhyming, huh?)

Well here we go into a busy week. I really like to see our calendar full, it gives me an extra push to get moving and get something done. Today Bob sees the heart doctor, just as a check-up. I bet he will get an earfull about his weight. Tonight it is dinner out with the Millers. Tomorrow I am volunteering at the Assistance League's Orthodontic Clinic Screening. It is a fun job and I surely feel like I owe the ALLB Orthodontic Clinic a lot for the great work they are doing with Rylee and her braces (which are very close to coming off!) Wednesday I am hosting Delta DeltaDelta Alumni Chapter in our home. We will be making hygiene kits for the women of Whittier area (since we are the Whittier D.D.D. alum chapter--what am I doing way up there?--long story, but I love the women in our tiny chapter). Thursday I am working at the Assistance League Thrift and Vintage store in trade with Pauline Stenberg who is working for me on Friday, because we will be spending Friday and Saturday with Ed and Janice Bishop at their time-share at the Marriot Newport Coast Villas. Together we will watch the opening of the Winter Olympics and play a wide variety of card games and enjoy the time we get to spend with our Utah friends. We will hurry home on Sunday morning so we can have a family Valentine dinner--how often does that happen? (and celebrate Amy-Sue's birthday which is really August 13, but we were on our mission then and this is the last of the make-up 2009 birthdays--perfect for Amy-Sue because Valentines' Day is her favorite holiday!!!)
Whee-------Makes me happy just to read this list. So here I go, off into a great week. I've gotta get organized!!! You make it a great week, too.!!:)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I Love 2010

7. It is really appropriate on this day
For me to take some time to say
I LOVE the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I commit to serving without complaint.
Our lives would be different, that's not lies
If we hadn't decided to be baptised.

Today is Fast Sunday and Ed and Janice Bishop went to church with us. It was also so good to see Craig and Tina Wurtz there today.
(if it weren't for the church we wouldn't have eternal friends like them)
The testimonies were very diverse but each one seemed to make an impact on me.
(we couldn't progress and continue work to better ourselves without different points of view)
Our Sunday School class is taught by Janet Hale and she does such a good job of reaching us on all our different levels, and making us think.
(I need to hear varied opinions and the church gives us challenges and chances for reflection)
In Relief Society we had a lesson about visiting teaching given by our RS President. It is so important in our church that we care for each other.
(i needed a kick in the b---to get me back on schedule with my ladies)
The teacher pointed out that our visiting teacher is never "done", just because we made a visit, and reported it. Our RS President, Nancy Smith, is doing an awesome job!!!
Lots to think about. . . but right now I better think about dinner preparations... Family feed time! FUN--FUN--FUN!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I Love 2010

6. I love Amy-Sue's chocolate chip cookies--she makes them very yummy
Of course I'm not begging or hinting,
But if she was to make some, and share...
I would have a happy tummy!

OOOOOH it is still raining and I am tired of it. I am feeling a little empathy for those people who are house-bound by snow for days on end. I like to be home, but if I want to get out, I don't want to scurry around in the rain. Not that I don't have plenty to do here--Ed and Janice Bishop are coming today to spend the night with us. They are fun to be with and they always bring a bunch of games to play. So we invited the Millers over for dinner, too; 'cause they like games and they are fun to be with, also. I'm going to try a new recipe for dinner "Easy (I like easy) Sirloin Tip Roast, Lemony Red Potatoes, Broccli, and Mixed Green salad with pears, and ice cream and sherbert for dessert. I hope it turns out to be good--I need to brighten up my repitoire.
Sabrina has a basketball game today--I hope we can get to it! She is very fun to watch because she puts all her energy into playing, and seems to enjoy any sport she tries.
Make it a great (wet) day and if you are out and about, travel safe--us Californians do not know how to drive in the rain. ( Kinda makes me glad we have a Hummer on a day like this.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I Love 2010

5. In our livingroom are two red/white checked chairs
That always make our house look cheery,
Given to us by friends who shared
Whom we are blessed to know and love dearly.

Well, today is Mom's Doughnut Day at Tincher Prepatory Academy (translate elemenatary school) and I got invited to go with Tabitha to eat a doughnut, drink a little orange juice (no coffee thank you) and spend a while in her class (first grade). We got to study teeth, make a mouth with mini marshmallows--how cute is that? Then did a packet about dental health. I'm very impressed with Tabitha's reading and spelling abilities; she does really well for a first grader. (Who said "proud nana"?) We are so blessed to live close to our families and be able to join in their activities.
Rainy today--make it a great day to stay inside and maybe do something you have been wanting to do, but didn't have the reason--read, write a letter (on paper! with a pen!! how unique), knit, scrapbook, stitch, try a new recipe, make some soup, or even organize some small area that has been bugging you.
Anyway--make it a great day:) !

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Love 2010

4. I love my car, my convertible P. T.
It is the perfect car for me.
Top down, buckled in,
Time to take the grandkids for a spin.

I saw this car while we were on our first mission. I loved it. When we came home, we went to the Chrysler dealer and bought it. Occasionally I see some car on the road that I like, but when I get home and open the garage door, there it is---my car!! Shiny and red--I LOVE IT!
(see, I told you I would get materialistic.)
We cleaned more garage yesterday, and now we can see the entire top of the saw, and the workbench. Well it's a BIG DEAL to us!
Poor Amy-Sue had a root canal yesterday. Empathy, empathy! Then to make her day complete Sabrina has a bite (or something) on her leg and so Amy is off to Kaiser to get that checked.
The worst thing is that Sabrina has to stay off her feet for 2 days, so she will miss the fitness test at school. What? Can't she earn it by default? After all, she is 89th in the nation for nine to eleven year olds running 2 miles ( in the snow, in the altitude, I might add), and all she has to do for this "fitness test" is run 6 laps (1 mile) in 11 minutes--holy c---!
Tonight I have a meeting to learn more and get updated on the Yount program that is my Stake calling. It has been a while, and there are changes, so I hope this will help us get on track.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Things I Love 2010

In the spirit of the Valentine Season, I will take part in the "things I love" posts, too.
I'll do it "my way" . . . here goes:
1. Nine little grandchildren all in a row
They're all so awesome, don't cha know

2. Two wonderful children, funny and fun
They provide me with everyday sun

3. Might as well mention my husband now
He puts up with me, I don't know how

Now I'm caught up and on my way to list things I love until Valentines' Day. From now on, I'll probably be very materialistic--are you surprised?? I may need more than 14 days. Anyway, around here we are cleaning up the garage. When you have recovered from your faint you can read on and find out how we are doing it. We subscribe to the "inch by inch each chore is a cinch," philosophy. We have already found the top of the radial arm saw table, and half of the workbench, then we took a day to celebrate. I figure that by June we may be finished.
Then we can start on Bob's office/den. he he he!

Monday, February 1, 2010

That's it in a nutshell!
It has been a long time, and I have been busy, but that is no excuse. I'll quickly update, then try to do better this year. I promise I will learn to add photos to this blog, this year--really!
In December I was able to accompany Sabrina ( and her parents, Amy-Sue and Gian and her sister Tabitha ; Charlee stayed home with Tiff and Drew) on her quest to the USATF Junior Olympics in Reno NV. It was truly a trip to remember...snow, and lots of it; cold 7 degrees when we arrived; the festivities of the Jr. Olympics; the cross-country race in the snow, with 253 9 to 11 yr.old girls; the awesome finish for Sabrina 89th (in the nation!) ; a trip to an amazing sporting goods (and more) store named Scheels (a must see if you ever go to Sparks Nv; delayed flights because of weather; and just the sheer joy of being with the family. It truly made December special for me. Camryn made the basketball team at Rogers Middle School--one of only two 6th graders. She has skills and she played well. We loved going to the games. Hudson continues to play soccer and his skills have improved so much. It is fun to be a "Soccer Nana and Papa!" Christmas was wonderful for us--Drew and Tiff and kids were able to spend the whole day with us and for that we are most grateful. New Year's Eve was a fun, spur of the moment party with friends from church, playing games, eating and ... yes! staying awake to usher in 2010! A real feat for us old folks .
January arrived and we made plans to go to Quartzsite AZ to reunite with missionary friends.
The Millers went with us this year. It was fun, we played lots of card games, shopped, and the weather was good until the day we left. Even then we really didn't hit rain until the 605 FWY. Then, not only did we hit rain, we also hit a semi's rear view mirror with our rear view mirror and while it turned out to be undamaged, we had to drive the rest of the way home without the use of the right-side rear view mirror. That is not good in a 40 foot RV! I was busy running to the back window to see if anyone was next to us so we could get the right lane before we got to our off ramp. Exciting times--but we made it !! January brings us back to our regular routine--after 3 days of rain, we were ready for it to be over! We Southern Californians are so spoiled. Did I mention, I am not teaching this year? I miss it, the children, the art, the creativity, and hmmmm the money, too. Hard to tell the girls, "no American Girl dolls this year!" Did I say spoiled? But there is lots of time to clean up and pare down and serve others and be with the family. I love that. That's it in a nutshell (as the saying goes).