Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008

This year has been one of mixed blessings. On the positive side is our Mission at Martin's Cove. There are so many blessings, including some very spiritual experiences, wonderful opportunities, wonderful people who became like family to us, and another chance to enjoy the high plains of Wyoming. It was hard to leave (especially for p-S.) Our family is growing, and in that growth are many opportunities to be with them and enjoy their participation in their interests: Rylee(15) playing on Wilson High's golf team, Cassidy's(13) progress in school, Camryn(10) playing Little League baseball and basketball for Whaley Park, Hudson's(8) Soccer teams (with Drew as his coach) Devyn(5) and Peyton(2) growing less shy, Sabrina(8) and her track season winning long jump and distance runs and then really taking off in Cross Country winning every event and qualifying for Jr. Olympics (in a Division above he acutal age)
Tabitha(5) swimming with her amazing smile visible the whole time she is in the water, and Charlee(1) walking and dazzling us all with her cheesey smile. We are blessed to be near and part of their lives, to support them and sometimes transport them in their activities.
On the negative side, of course, is the mysterious "infection" that knocked Bob for a loop in October. Even it is a blessing, as a wake up call to us to be more aware and vigilant about our health as we grow older (ugh!) Bob will continue to recover in 2009 as we work to reach our goal of returning to Mormon Handcart Historic Sites in June, to serve our 4th Mission! We think it is a worthy goal, one worth fighting for, even though some people may have doubts about our ablity to serve. It is hard to leave home, but we think the example we set is important and helps us to grow in the gospel.
We'll see what we can do for the Lord and for others in 2009. We are determined to make it a Great year!
So farewell, adieu, adios to 2008 a memorable year for us--and hello, bonjour, buenos dias to 2009, a year we can shape to our lives.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Busy Week

The week was busy, finishing up shopping (no...I'm not a procrastinator--much) wrapping (warning to family, don't come by the house without calling first) and getting the groceries for our Christmas feasts: traditional Christmas Eve Prime Rib dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, and Christmas dinner (Honeybaked Ham--WOW what a line to get into the store!)Bob had plenty of chances to go for a ride and finally, he had the chance to drive for the first time since mid-October. We made it with no incidents. We were able to drop by some friends homes to see their decorations, visit with other friends and even play a little Quiddler.
Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with family was wonderful--I especially enjoyed Tabita and her first guitar (sorry, Amy & Gian--it just screamed her name when I first saw it).
Our little tree came down on December 26, so we can use the kitchen table again, but the rest of the decor will remain until after January 1.
Yesterday, we went to 10th Ward because Gian was speaking. Naturally, he did a great job. It was fun to sit with family and observe their Ward in action. Yesterday afternoon we attended the Memorial Service for our friend Mary LaBarba who died way too young from a very invasive cancer. It was an interesting service done at the Grand which is where the American Catholic Church meets. Then our weekly "dinner at nana's", minus the table cloths (placemats, instead) and fancy settings. It's just good to be together! We are so blessed.
Whoopie! Tonight we are going out for dinner with the Millers (first time since October 13!) that's progress!
Regrets: Sunday dinner was not one Hudson likes (sorry, I didn't know--) but he didn't complain, Tigger ate Peyton's ice cream drumstick (he knows Peyton likes to share)
Blessings: family, friends, education, my knowledge about eternal blessings
Make it a GREAT day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Phew! We Did It!

Everything is finally completed,(I think) and we have only to wait for 6pm Christmas Eve dinner. There may be something forgotten; if so it's all my fault--can't blame anything on Bob this year! He continues to get better each day, so we are blessed. Every doctor's visit we have ends with a comment about how critically ill he was. (I didn't really grasp that at the time, but looking back it was bad!) We are so fortunate to have the Priesthood to call upon when we need help. Next year will be better!!! We wish you all the blessings you need, and all the enjoyment of family and friends as the Holiday gathering begins. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rainy Days and Progress

Yesterday it rained most of the day. It gave us the chance to go a few things around here. We put a fire in the livingroom fireplace early in the morning and settled in for the day. Amy-Sue, Gian, and Charlee stopped by and brought us some man-made logs for the fireplace, because we are running out of wood. They were on a shopping outing, so they visited a while, then went on their way. We are so lucky to have our family close. Drew came by to get our "big" tree since we have a little (real) tree in the kitchen this year. Again, so great to have family around.
I found the Christmas cards, and they are done! The line at the post office was fast-moving, and it is a great feeling to have them in the mail. (One year I sent New Year's cards, hmmmmm!)
I made some treats for the neighbors, and wrapped them. They were easy and fun, and I'm ready to deliver them when the rain stops.
We did deliver some to one of my visiting teaching sisters, and Bob went with me, so we all had a nice visit on a rainy day. (Bob will go anywhere with me, just to get out of the house. He just sits in the car and waits for me while I shop. Pressure's on me to not dilly-dally around, though--but he never complains.) We finished the day with our usual games of gin rummy while the fire simmered on (wet wood, lasts a long time).
Bob is getting around without using the walker and that is progress! We even went out to dinner at Islands Grill on Tuesday night! They told him it would be six weeks before he could walk without it, but determination is a wonderful motivator. He tells me that today he will go into the grocery store with me to chose the Prime Rib for Christmas Eve Dinner. (hmmm, Prime Rib is a wonderful motivator, too.)

Blessings: family, friends, faith, sense of humor
Regrets: that more shopping needs to be don
Make it a GREAT day!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time Marches On

We are still in recovery mode here, but things are going well! Each time we visit a doctor (which is way too often for me) we get good news that Bob's problems are clearing up and he is doing well. He is to the point where he mostly walks without a walker, around the house, to the car, to the corner. He has "cabin fever" so bad, he begs to go with me to run errands and shop even though he still has to sit in the car while I go into the stores because he wears out before I am finished. So we spend part of the day driving around, and we go out at night to enjoy the Christmas lights. Thanks to help from "the kids" our Christmas shopping is moving along, the tree is purchased (Bob sat in the car, I'd hold up a tree, he'd give thumbs up or down until we agreed) and decorated. (Pictures will follow--when my "techno-savvy" girls, Amy-Sue and Tiff can help me.) Still have cards to address, but I'm nearly started. Although we have missed the Christmas parties, we are so blessed to have family close, and wonderful friends to visit us and feed us, fill in for me at the ALLB Thrift Shop, and check up on us. It is very hard for me to accept these outpourings of assistance but I have been counseled not to deny others blessings, and then to pass them on when I have the chances. This has definitely been a wake-up-call for us and caused us to focus on our blessings (which are plentious). It has been fun to "Pay It Ahead" at the drive-thrus, but I have to drive off in a rush so I can become annonymous--that is hard to do in my car--I don't want to get caught, by the recipient or by the police.
Make it a great day--smile at everyone, they'll smile back almost every time.
Now, where did I put those Christmas cards???

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh No! It's December, already..Where did November go?

I guess I know where November went, but time marches on and I am ready to decorate for the Christmas Holidays. So, on Thanksgiving Gian and Amy-Sue got out the lights and hung them for us AND took down all the boxes of decorations and put them in the Scrapbook room. I have sworn to downsize, but how can I get rid of all these treasures??? Look out Assistance League and D.I. here they come (I hope). Getting decorations up may be easier this year since I will be home more--however, helping Bob when he needs it detracts me and makes me lose my focus. "What was I doing, before. . ." ? "Should I really get rid of this..."? Decisions, Decisions!
I love this time of year!!!
Thanks Gian and Amy-Sue for the help and Tiff and Drew for picking up a few things I need.
What would we do without our family? Now, what was I doing before I was ... Focus on the season. Make it a great day!