Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

We have many things to be thankful for this year. Our family, who helps when help it needed; even when they have other things to do--Thanks Drew for coming out the other evening to keep Dad company while I went to Ralphs for food for Thanksgiving dinner, Thanks Gian and Amy-Sue for volunteering to put up our Christmas lights and get the many Christmas decorations boxes down from the rafters, and thanks to our neighbors Jim and Manuel who check on us daily and take time to visit with Bob. Thanks to friends who call and visit--it sure breaks the monotony. Thanks to Heavenly Father for the blessings he continues to pour out, especially our Mission this year at Martin's Cove, and the Priesthood power of healing--albeit very slow. Thanks for doctors who are in "practice" and try very hard to get it right. For our home in this wonderful part of the world. We are blessed and we are trying to focus on that right now.
Make it a great day!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

He's Home!

Bob came home yesterday, and boy was he happy. When I arrived at the rehab shortly after 9:30 am., he was dressed, and awaiting his release. All that was left was one last blood test result and, of course, the paperwork. Finally, about noon the paperwork arrived and we were finally out of there! After 23 days of hospitalization of one kind or another can you just imagine the feeling of riding in a car, in a upright position, seeing sights that mean more now than ever.
We are blessed to have next door neighbors who planned their day so they could be there to help me get Bob in the house and up the stairs (one step, stop, breathe deep, one step. . .) to the bedroom. Tigger, the old (14yrs) golden retriever followed along. (It's almost has hard for him as it is for Bob). Later, after a little rest, Bob was able to make it down both flights of stairs and then relax in the family room. We are on the mend and SO SO SO SO GRATEFUL. Fun to have family come by last night to welcome him home--they have all been so supportive. Thanks to friends who visited in the hospitals, and especially to Irv Miller who built a new railing by our front porch; so Bob, or anyone else who needs it, has some support getting up the steps to the porch and front door. It's great to have him home, even though it means more work for me for a while.
Blessings: Bob is home, priesthood blessings, family, friends, sense of humor, doctors
Regrets: misgivings about Bob's abilities, impatience, few things that didn't get done
Promises: upward and onward, positive attitude,
I'm putting on my "complaint free" bracelet and I will try my hardest not to have to switch it back and forth .
Love y'all, and, Make it a great day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tomorrow, Tomorrow. . .

Tomorrow is the day! I took down all the decor I had put up in Bob's "room", cleaned out the drawers , brought home the extra clothes--we are ready to go. One parting blood test tomorrow morning and then we bust him out of Country Villa! Our new matress arrived today, so it is ready and waiting for him to finish recovery in comfort. Four weeks is a long time to be sick!
Gratitude for: God's healing powers, family and friends who have been so supportive, a sense of humor
Regrets: I left a few things not done, I've missed some things I wanted to be a part of
It was a great day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Departure Date Update

Bob's departure from the rehab facility has been set now for Friday the 21st. He is getting his strength back, slowly and the other tests are looking good. He will be soooooo glad to get home!
It will be 4 weeks of hospital time and we hope that will be it!!!
Blessings: skilled physical therapists, friends, family,
Regrets: patience is still an issue for me, some things still not finished
Make it a great day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Maybe Wednesday

The DOCTOR was in today and said, "Maybe Wednesday you can go home" to Bob, and that made his day! Also, the cathater (spell check,please) was taken out today! Two small steps toward freedom. Of course, my job is just beginning.....
Blessings: friends who come to call at a not so great place and come to my assistance when I've done all I can, family who love and support us
Regrets: my impatience (with the patient--heh heh), things on my "to do" list that aren't done
Promise: I will try harder to organize myself and do every needful thing

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today Bob walked about 100 yards, using a walker, followed closely by a wheelchair,and with the physical therapist holding on to the back of his pants, and without any rest stops. That is progress, even though it may sound pitiful to you, we are excited to see strength returning and most of the problems caused by "the infection" have disappeared. It is amazing to us what havoc can be brought on by an "infection". There is some hope that he may come home early next week--dependent on strength and blood thinner issues.
Blessings: faith in the Priesthood, diligent hard work, trained people to help, and of course family and friends who visit and help the time pass a little faster
Regrets: I have neglected obligations, I miss teaching at Carden, I haven't made some contacts I should have
Love you all and thanks for the prayers !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It is getting better, I think!

I can see Bob is feeling a little better, and he really wants out of the rehab/physical therapy "PIT" right now!!! Unfortunately, the most recent doctor has laid down the law to him, and until his heart, white cell count, and strength are all restored to normal he is staying at the PIT. Hopefully for this week. . .or both he and I will go crazy. But tonight he was up to playing Gin Rummy--and beat me; and when I put the cards away he said he wanted to continue the game.
Shoot! He often beats me at Gin Rummy, now even when he is sick... No fair!
Today I taught the Primary class I share ( with Stephanie Given ) for the first time since I was called. There are eleven boys and one girl in the class, and they are a super group. (Could you imagine what it would be like if they were wild---?) Can't say I'm thrilled to be in Primary, but it is only for a few months, until we head for Martin's Cove again--contingent on Bob's recovery, of course.
So, things are finally looking up!
Blessings: a great Primary class, Bob's recovering, family and friends, the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Regrets: I should have continued to play Gin Rummy with Bob (maybe he would have fallen asleep and I could have beat him--heh heh--) I am being careless with my own eating and sleeping, recent neglect of some of my friends who need some cheering up
Promise: I will do better!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Tomorrow

It's not. (better) I'm not good at this illness business.....I've got a lot to learn.
Blessings: family, faith, sense of humor
Regrets: lack of patience, lack of knowledge
For you--make it a great day! I'll try harder.

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Things are lookin' up

After one week (7 days!) in CCU Bob was moved to a regular room yesterday. Most of the "wires and hoses" are out of him. Now, after being sick for two weeks, he needs physical therapy to help him get his strength back. ( one dang thing after another!) So today he was moved to Country Villa, a rehab facility/nursing home in Seal Beach so he can get the therapy and strength he needs to come home. Oh, he did not want to go there, ( "I just want to go home..") but it happened. He is very sad to be there, but the harder he works the quicker he can come home--that is the incentive. Prayers, faith, hard work, positive attitude!!!
Blessings: Family, friends, medical knowledge, rehab close to home
Regrets: Having to send him to a rehab facility
Tomorrow WILL be a better day!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day by Day. . . Inch By Inch

Yesterday was terrible. Today is better. What is the difference? In my mind it lies in faith in God and faith in the Priesthood. When Bob was first sick Drew and Gian gave him a Priesthood blessing and even though he didn't get better, I was able to cope with the situation and listen to guidance and make decisions. Last night, after 5 days in CCU I called for another blessing based on the difference of the situation. I believe that one blessing for a problem is all you should get, but when Bob got worse yesterday I lost my optomistic attitude and crept away to cry. Then I decided to ask Brothers Johnson and Miller to administer to him, and within 30 minutes they were there. What a blessing that is and how grateful I am to them.
Now you may call the rest of this story coincidence, but I believe in the power of the Priesthood:
Not long after I left the hospital last night, Dr. John Ingram arrived in Bob's room to assess his condition. John Ingram was a student/athlete of Bob's when he taught at Hughes Jr. High in around 1959-60. Now he is Dr. John Ingram, Urologist, assigned to Bob's case. Call it what you want, I believe Heavenly Father heard the plea for help and sent the best around.
Today, Bob is soooooo much better, it truly is a blessing. We look forward to tomorrow being even better as assessments are made that will put down this "infection" that is running rampant through his body. Tomorrow WILL be a BETTER DAY!
Blessings: Family, Priesthood, Faith, Friends,
Regrets: That I am not more inquisitive, that I may rely too heavily on my children when they already have a full plate, that I am so impatient

Since we have been in CCU I have made the acquaintance of two families going through worse struggles than I am. Sadly, tonight both families lost their loved ones who were so very sick.
It was very touching to me to watch them as they left the hospital for the last time, within
minutes of each other. I was able to give one lady a hug as she left. I'll probably never see her again, but I shared a very poignant moment with her tonight, and she is in my prayers.

Boy this is a morbid post. No more until I can be more uplifting!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Much Happening

I'm slacking on my posts and use of the photos, but my mind isn't there right now. I hope I remember what to do when I finally take the time. Right now, Bob is in the CCU at Los Alamitos Hospital fighting an infection no one has named. His heartbeat was racing and irregular and that is what they are treating first. SOOOO I am spending a lot of time sitting with him.
I am so thankful for Amy-Sue and Drew and Gian and Tiff for being my support. I know it is very hard for them to pick up the slack and I know I am blessed with a family close at hand and friends who are so caring and supportive. Time to go get dressed for another day. More later..