Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I Love 2010

7. It is really appropriate on this day
For me to take some time to say
I LOVE the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I commit to serving without complaint.
Our lives would be different, that's not lies
If we hadn't decided to be baptised.

Today is Fast Sunday and Ed and Janice Bishop went to church with us. It was also so good to see Craig and Tina Wurtz there today.
(if it weren't for the church we wouldn't have eternal friends like them)
The testimonies were very diverse but each one seemed to make an impact on me.
(we couldn't progress and continue work to better ourselves without different points of view)
Our Sunday School class is taught by Janet Hale and she does such a good job of reaching us on all our different levels, and making us think.
(I need to hear varied opinions and the church gives us challenges and chances for reflection)
In Relief Society we had a lesson about visiting teaching given by our RS President. It is so important in our church that we care for each other.
(i needed a kick in the b---to get me back on schedule with my ladies)
The teacher pointed out that our visiting teacher is never "done", just because we made a visit, and reported it. Our RS President, Nancy Smith, is doing an awesome job!!!
Lots to think about. . . but right now I better think about dinner preparations... Family feed time! FUN--FUN--FUN!

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