Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I Love 2010

7. Things I love. . .here I go
This is one I'm sure you know,
To read a book, one that grabs my attention
Perhaps Grisham, Pecault , Sparks or Grafton.
(. bad rhyming, huh?)

Well here we go into a busy week. I really like to see our calendar full, it gives me an extra push to get moving and get something done. Today Bob sees the heart doctor, just as a check-up. I bet he will get an earfull about his weight. Tonight it is dinner out with the Millers. Tomorrow I am volunteering at the Assistance League's Orthodontic Clinic Screening. It is a fun job and I surely feel like I owe the ALLB Orthodontic Clinic a lot for the great work they are doing with Rylee and her braces (which are very close to coming off!) Wednesday I am hosting Delta DeltaDelta Alumni Chapter in our home. We will be making hygiene kits for the women of Whittier area (since we are the Whittier D.D.D. alum chapter--what am I doing way up there?--long story, but I love the women in our tiny chapter). Thursday I am working at the Assistance League Thrift and Vintage store in trade with Pauline Stenberg who is working for me on Friday, because we will be spending Friday and Saturday with Ed and Janice Bishop at their time-share at the Marriot Newport Coast Villas. Together we will watch the opening of the Winter Olympics and play a wide variety of card games and enjoy the time we get to spend with our Utah friends. We will hurry home on Sunday morning so we can have a family Valentine dinner--how often does that happen? (and celebrate Amy-Sue's birthday which is really August 13, but we were on our mission then and this is the last of the make-up 2009 birthdays--perfect for Amy-Sue because Valentines' Day is her favorite holiday!!!)
Whee-------Makes me happy just to read this list. So here I go, off into a great week. I've gotta get organized!!! You make it a great week, too.!!:)

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