Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back Again

I have been busy, some; and lazy, some; and neglectful, some; and I need to move on! When I wrote last, we were off to spend a few days with Ed and Janice Bishop in Newport Beach. Now, that is not too far from home, but it seemed like it. We played games, and ate good food, but funnest of all was our "day trip" to San Diego to see the newly refurbished Mormon Battlion Visitors' Center in Old Town. It is truly worth the trip! The LDS Church never does anything half-way, and the presentation of this historic part of California is really interesting and entertaining. Never mind that we were in a huge amount of traffic, both coming and going--I thought it was worth it, but then, I was not the one driving! If you are ever in San Diego, it is worth the time--and of course like all LDS Historic Sites--it is free!
A week or so later we pulled the motorhome out and cruised on down to Tucolata Springs for an outing with the folks in 341 Just For Fun, our RV club. This trip took us through Temecula, and while, again, it is not too far away (which is fine with me) it had been a really long time since we had been in the Temecula area. Can you say population explosion? My gosh! Where is the little old town of Temecula that I remember? Where did all these people come from? Where did all the vineyards and winerys come from? Phew! Five of us ladies went to town on Saturday. So did everyone else in the area, I think! We did find a few of the shops I remembered and we looked at a lot of antiques and collectibles. (I didn't buy anything :( ) I was a bit concerned when I saw how many cars were parked at every winery we went past. Who is going to drive home after all that tasting? It was a nice weekend away, though, and the weather was good--it only rained at night.
Home for a while, we rolled out Darth (that's what we call our Holiday Rambler motorhome)
and headed for Arizona and the Cactus League Baseball Training Camps. In case I haven't mentioned it...I am a huge baseball fan. I know, I know, many of you would rather watch paint dry; I prefer to sit in the stands and soak up the baseball games. At home, I am an Angels fan;
and a LBSU Dirtbags fan and a Wilson HS fan and a Millikan HS fan--but my heart is in
Cincinnati with the Reds (and Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan and, sigh, PETE ROSE!) That's where I learned to love baseball--my Dad played and I went with him. Imagine my sheer JOY when I found out that the Reds now have a stadium in Goodyear,AZ. We saw them play the Indians. Because our friends the Seatons, Ritters, and Rubels all live in Escondido, we saw a lot of Padres games--Padres vs Angels, Padres vs Giants, Padres vs Dodgers (booooo) , Padres vs Royals--- but they were all good! The stadiums are so nice and the practice areas are so fun to visit in the morning when all the players are out. What a great trip, great weather, Great Friends, great travel.
At home, inbetween trips, we celebrated Rylee's 17th Birthday and Sabrina's 10th Birthday (party is on Saturday) and watched a lot of Soccer games and basketball games. Family is what life is all about.
( Next trip is to BYU for Womens' Conference the end of this month.) Bob is already anxious to go to Utah, but there are some things to do before then.
It's good to be back again.