Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MAYbe there is still time

Last week whizzed by. It was the week that Carden Whittier School's 7th and 8th graders had the opportunity to visit Washington, D. C.; however, not all the students went. We were left with about 17 students who attended school (and a few who went elsewhere with their families). Since we couldn't go on with the curriculum, it meant coming up with a project all the students would enjoy. I decided to have each student make a mini photo album for their mom--using an Altoids box as the outer protection. (it may sound weird, but it will fit in mom's purse, and the bonus is you can eat the Altoids while working on the project). I took almost everything I have in the way of scrapbooking product to school and the students really had a great time using it.
Yesterday, one of the girls came into class and announced that her mother "just LOVED" the Altoids box. Most of the class didn't know what we were talking about--so I showed them the prototype. Now everyone wants to make one. Too bad, 'cause this is my last week of school for this year (MAYbe next year????)
Jolene continues her knitting instruction and she is getting it! I gave her instructions for a washcloth, and when I saw her Sunday she was all smiles because she is on her way to a finished product. Maybe she will finish before we leave ?????
Mothers' Day was fun. Amy-Sue and Tiff each gave me 2 selections of food for dinner. Luckily, they didn't choose the same things, and I was able to fill their requests. They left me with the dessert choice--yum. As gifts they both got DR. Laura's newest book: In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms, money for much desired items I couldn't get, and Amy-Sue got a full pan of lemon bars "just for herself" (but I bet she ended up sharing them). In return I was gifted with an ADORABLE cheery cherry apron, a yellow spatula, a yellow Kitchen Aid Mixer (which has not arrived yet) and a box filled with the (fabled) Carbone amber glassware that I coveted at the ALLB Thrift and Vintage store. ( Tiff went down the day after I first talked about them, and SHE is the one who bought them.) WOW! I was sooooo surprized. MAYbe this week at dinner we will be drinking from them. (ya think?)
We are beginning to really rev up for the Mission. Only a week before we leave. Maybe I need to start making daily lists. We bought a new Canon camcorder so we can record the awesome activities at Martins' Cove. MAYbe we will learn how to use it. Of course, Satan continues to bother us with little stumbling blocks. ( I remember this from last year so it is no surprize, but I hate to start each day wondering what else will go wrong.) Yesterday my phone decided to quit transmitting. After visiting 2 different Verizon stores, (ugh) the "tech man" agreed there is a problem, and a new phone will be shipped to me in 2 days, then I have to take it in, get it reprogrammed and mail the old Satan-infected phone back to Verizon. What the heck--it is just time intensive--but at least MAYbe I'll have a working phone again. (amazing how attached I've become to having a cell phone). We took Amy-Sue and Gian to Outback for dinner last night--belated Anniversary gift. It was yummy, and fun to have just the two of them to visit with.
Amy-Sue invited me to 10th Ward's aerobic class which meets at 6:30 am. After 45 minutes of aerobics, (phew, pant, pant) the ladies end with a little scripture study. What a great way to start the day! MAYbe, they will do this again in the fall -- I hope. Thanks ladies for allowing me to be a part of your day.
I'm truly blessed to have a loving family, friends who amaze me (more about this comment in the future) and opportunities to grow.
There is still time to make this a GREAT week! MAYbe you can make it a GREAT week, too!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This MAY be a busy week!

So, it is the week of the 7th and 8th grade trip at Carden, and about 52 students are off to Washington, D.C. The remaining 27 are staying home and many of them will be attending school. (some may be off on their own family outings) The challenge is to plan something interesting and arty for the stay-at-homes to do. I have come up with an oldie but goodie: the purse-sized photo album made from an Altoids box and lots of scrapbooking product. It makes a great gift for mothers--which is part of its popularity. I gathered up all the product I could find, put it in my "Navigator" (rolling supply carrier) and took it all to school. Tuesday, the art class took 2 hours (regularly 45 minutes) and I was worried about boredom setting in; but no, all that product to look at and choose from kept the 17 boys and girls busy. Today, they will have one hour to work and tomorrow, two hours again. I think some might finish today, but with all the product to peruse, I think it will be okay. The rest of the classes are making Mothers' Day cards. As part of the design, they have to sew a button on the center of a flower--that is a challenge! It's a hoot to watch them. I'll just say, I love teaching at Carden.
We had Book Club last night. We had read Glenn Beck's book Real America and the discussion was interesting. We had the opportunity to listen to a CD of him talking about his conversion.
He's led an interesting life, and has a great testimony.
Last Sunday we celebrated Gian's Birthday. We all wish you a great year, Gian and enjoy spending those gift cards! The kids busted out the yoyos and tried to learn how to make them work. I think we are lucky no one got injured--parental guidance definitely needed. Sometimes when we have some new thing to do everyone dashes out the front door, laughing and yelling and dancing around, I see the faces of some neighbors at their windows wondering what are those Ashcrafts up to now. It is fun to be so close, and I know that I will miss Sundays at Nana and Papa's when we are at Martin's Cove.
The H3 had the tow hitch on it now, and stronger cables are on the way. Each day we try to accomplish something, as the time draws nearer for us to go. Every day Bob asks, "What else do we have to do?" We'll probably forget something--we always do--but we're working on it!
So Make it a Great week! (even if it is busy)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Come What MAY

April was not the best month for us, so we are glad to see May come. May 1 started off well. Remember that I have missed out on some merchandise that I really wanted at the ALLB Thrift and Vintage Store? Well, yesterday I scored! It was an "extra placement" day for me and I worked 10-4. As I started the day I toured the store to get acquainted with the merchandise. I have been wanting to add to our "everyday" china set (Rosenthal's "Maria White") so I would have enough dinner plates for the 15 of us, for Sunday dinners. Of course, we chose that pattern in 1960, when we got married, so finding it now would be a internet nightmare for me; plus, I don't buy stuff off the internet (old-fashioned geezer that I am). Well, what do you know? There they were, 8 Maria White dinner plates sitting on a shelf in the boutique section. (there were 8 small bread plates, too, but I didn't need those). Right then and there, I told the others that were working, those are meant for me--I'm buying them at 3:30 (when we can shop and buy)!!!
Yipeeeeeee! I got them!!!!!!! Now I can even have a few extra people for Sunday dinner!! Wannna come? :) :)